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What is this all about?

an attempt to preserve something, one of the earliest diaspora social networking host is scheduled to close on June 30th, 2013. We want to save this pod.

Diaspora is a culture. A culture against the loss of personal privacy by the corporate social network giants. Diaspora enables you to keep your data with you and provides the flexibility to choose what you share. Since your data is stored on your own computer and not a single company's servers you are in control of your data.

Diaspora, being a distributed system, is actually a network of multiple instances of the software Diaspora. These instances are called pods. You can think of it like a mobile service provider or an email provider. One of the oldest and biggest Diaspora pod, is at the verge of closing down. If is shut down, it will be a great morale loss to the diaspora culture. It may create an impression that Diaspora pods are not reliable and have no guarantee to run for ever. This campaign is trying to prevent this calamity and protect the diversity. To prevent poddery from closing down so as to refuel the diaspora idea. We are planning to adopt from its current guardian and host it ourselves. has 5060 estimated users as per statistics. It is one of the highly rated pods, with an uptime percentage of 100 according to

Who are we?

some of the early adopters of diaspora

Joe Schraube
Joe Bivins
Vishnu M
Vishnu P

We are a community of diaspora users and contributors from early days of diaspora.

The impact

fuel we need to keep this motor running

Your contribution, is literally the fuel we need to keep this motor running. Without that, is dead, taking with it the credibility of Diaspora culture. Your contributions will surely make history, a history of a war between a david called privacy and corporate goliath. Your contributions are goliath's pebbles. Provide them and be part of this history. Your contributions, by helping Diaspora, shows the world that we can definitely share what we wish without selling anything to the corporate giants. You control what, whom and when parameters of access regarding your data.

What we want

this is what we are fighting for

  • €389 is spent for amazon aws medium instance reserved for 3 years.
  • €175 is used to pay for bandwidth, considering 100% increase in bandwidth use per year and 10% increase in bandwidth cost per year by amazon.
  • €378 is kept aside for printing and sending T shirts.
  • €151 is kept aside for promotion of diaspora like organizing workshops, classes, etc.
  • €45 is set aside for paying the previous pod owner for renewal for June.
  • All the residual amount is spent for promotion of diaspora and any unexpected expenses occured.
For more detailed explanation: Savepoddery expense.
If we do not reach the goal, we will use whatever amount we got to extend the life of

What you get

perks for our generous supporters

  • €1 - Name on the "Donors" List
  • €4 - Details on the "Donors" List (homepage/blog/any url) and the one above
  • €8 - email alias and all the ones above
  • €16 - Photo on "Donors" list and all the ones above
  • €40 - T Shirt (max 25) and all the ones above
  • €80 - Name on front page (max 10) and all the ones above
  • €175 - Home Page Logo - size 250x250 (max 6) for one year and all the ones above
  • €400 - Sidebar Logo - size 100x100 (every page - max 3) for one year and all the ones above

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Share and help us spread the word! Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

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      Tell your friends why privacy and anonymity became one of the fundamental needs in cyber world
        Get the word out and make some noise about this campaign.
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